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The combination of brand elements and visuals give the overall brand a professional, corporate, big-brand feel with a unique personality that portrays a distinct message...

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The MKT brand identifies with and consistently services the everyday needs of local consumers through a diverse range of integrated shopping centres.

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Based on the infinity symbol we explored the idea of creating fluidity, motion and life using endless 3 Dimensional linework, to create a series of wireframes.

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The new website for DBI Design consists of the latest technology with evolving technologies.

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Netkit's role in the rebrand was to creatively re-inforce the colourful, friendly vibe that is Emerald Lakes. "Come & Play. Night or Day" positioning is a play on day or night golf, breakfast or dinner. No matter the time there is something for everyone at Emerald Lakes.

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The brand we developed makes a statement about the power of print in an increasingly digital arena. Referring to the roots of printing, we developed an icon based on the process of stamping.

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We are Netkit.

We are a team of award-winning creative thinkers.

We develop innovative, strategic branding visions which redefine our clients’ business offering and enhance consumer experiences.

We’re driven by one simple goal: to elevate brands from ordinary to extraordinary.

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